9th Rockwell Smart Manufacturing Report

How does the future of Smart Manufacturing look?

In its largest report to date, Rockwell Automation surveyed more than 1,500 decision-makers from 17 of the top manufacturing countries. The Rockwell Smart Manufacturing Report provides insights into trends, challenges and their strategies for future-proofing their operations.

The report’s findings underscore a significant trend: the pervasive role of artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping the future of manufacturing.

A notable revelation among the 2024 findings is the emergence of Causal AI, marking its official debut in the manufacturing landscape.

In the latest report, Causal AI skyrockets in several areas:

  • Primary Investment Focus for the Next 12 Months: Gen/Causal AI
  • Key Technology Solutions to address Workforce Challenges: Gen/Causal AI
  • Exceptional Return on Investment (ROI): Second only to cloud/SaaS, Gen/Causal AI stands out as a high-value Investment.


Download the full report to discover first-hand how forward-thinking manufacturers are using cutting-edge technology like Causal AI to raise quality standards, drive sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge in 2024 and beyond.

If you want to explore, how to optimize your production with groundbreaking Causal AI technology, get in touch!