Object Analytics Database

The root object might be the “Patient”, the “Machine” or the “Customer”. Pull data from different sources and attach them as sub-objects (or recursive sub-objects). Typical sub-objects are event-streams such as the prescriptions, diagnoses, and procedures along the lifetime of the patient. Once such an “object-centric” view is built, you can easily analyze your core business object holistically across all information attached to it.

Relational databases are great. Great for what they are built for – consistently managing complex data. This requires splitting an object into atomic entities and storing different parts in different tables. Once distributed across many tables, however, an object is hard to analyze “as a whole” …

… and that is where our technology differs. With our object-centric representation, complex queries analyzing different sub-objects in relation can be executed with high performance. Algorithms previously painful to implement are now easy to apply. Novel algorithms – previously unimaginable – are becoming feasible.

Object Analytics goes from the world of flat tables to thinking in terms of entire objects. It will propel the field of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence into novel orbits.

Some of our larger installations hold 60 million patients and 3 billion events in different sub-objects on a serve with 128 cores – serving numerous client-sessions in parallel. The standard installation is via a Docker container. Deploying our technology on a cloud platform such as AWS (or locally on your machine) is just easy.