Xplain Data announces its inclusion in the prestigious AI Startup Landscape 2023, a comprehensive analysis of Germany’s thriving AI startup scene.

Published annually by the appliedAI Institute for Europe, the report sheds light on the country’s AI startup ecosystem, driving the adoption of AI technologies and fostering new partnerships between startups and established companies.

Being recognized in the “Frameworks” category is a testament to Xplain Data’s commitment and success in the Causal AI space. It is noteworthy that only a handful of German AI startups, just 11, focus on building frameworks, and even fewer, just 10, focus on developing infrastructures. Areas, that “are known to have the potential for high revenue”, according to the appliedAI Institute for Europe.

The appliedAI Institute for Europe worked with industry giants such as NVIDIA and Intel, as well as twelve renowned venture capital firms, including Lakestar, Earlybird Capital, UVC Partners, and others. They analyzed over 1000 KI startups. The goal: to identify the most promising for the current landscape.

Breaking Ground in Causal AI: Xplain Data’s Achievement in the Frameworks Category

This recognition signifies Xplain Data’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of Causal AI and developing cutting-edge frameworks in the field. It underscores the company’s pivotal role in driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of AI applications in Germany and beyond. Xplain Data’s inclusion in the German and European AI Startup Landscape 2023 reinforces its position as a relevant player in the thriving AI startup ecosystem.

“We are thrilled and honored to be recognized in the Frameworks category of the German AI Startup Landscape 2023,” said Dr. Michael Haft, founder and CEO of Xplain Data. “This recognition validates our team’s hard work and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of Causal AI, creating frameworks that drive innovation and create tangible value for our customers.”

Xplain Data looks forward to using this recognition to forge new partnerships and collaborate with more industry leaders. And of course make a significant contribution to the advancement of applied AI in Germany and beyond. As the AI landscape continues to rapidly evolve, Xplain Data remains committed to pioneering groundbreaking solutions that have a transformative impact across industries.

German AI Startup Landscape 2023

German AI Startup Landscape 2023