How can we support health innovation through data sharing and AI?

The future of healthcare in Germany was passionately discussed in the venerable rooms of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BAdW). Two topics took center stage: the solution to the German data protection dilemma and the importance of Causal AI for quickly gaining knowledge from complex patient data, especially when this data is available across national borders. More infos: Vision4Health Paper

At the table: Prof. Dr. Schwaiger, President of the BAdW (third from left), his speaker Stefanie Nowak (second from left) and Susanna Streubel (far right), the competent coordinator of the Health AI working group KImed.

Intensive discussions were held about working together to get closer to the common goal of simplifying the aggregation of anonymized health data, making it available for research and science and evaluating it using innovative Causal AI algorithms – in order to drive healthcare forward through innovation.