Xplain Data, a leading provider of Causal AI solutions, is pleased to announce its successful participation in the Siemens AI with Purpose Summit 2023, which took place in Munich on 16-17 May. The event brought together renowned experts and innovators from various fields to jointly master industrial AI.

Prof. Volker Tresp and Dr. Michael Haft, CEO of Xplain Data, took the stage during the summit to discuss the importance of Causal AI and its practical implementation in manufacturing by identifying cause-and-effect relationships in production data. Their informative session shed light on the importance of integrating causality as a fundamental component of AI systems, emphasizing the essential question of ‘why’ rather than simply predicting ‘what’ will happen. And assess the potential for change

From smart factories to predictive maintenance and intelligent quality control, AI is revolutionizing every aspect of industrial operations. But the real question is: How can we successfully integrate AI into these environments and unlock its full potential?

This was discussed by 250+ of Siemens most trusted partners & peers – leading minds in AI – during 1.5 inspiring day in the Munich Urban Colab.

Xplain Data is proud to have contributed to the knowledge exchange and collaborative spirit of this renowned gathering – well placed in the Future of AI Summit track, where the hottest AI trends were discussed.

Watch the video recap below to get a quick glimpse of the spirit of the engaging session led by Prof Volker Tresp and Dr Michael Haft:


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