Xplain Data´s ObjectAnalytics Database demonstrates scalability from the smallest computers to servers with 256 cores and TB of RAM

Xplain Data is excited to share a significant development that underscores software efficiency, particularly in its performance on compact hardware. The latest release, version 2.1 of ObjectAnalytics DB, brings forth an exciting capability: seamless operation on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 GB RAM. This accomplishment solidifies Xplain Data’s commitment to offering comprehensive solutions across the entire spectrum. From the compact Raspberry Pi to servers boasting 128 cores or more, the ObjectAnalytics database scales impeccably. This adaptability is exemplified in scenarios like the healthcare sector. There it efficiently analyzes billions of prescriptions and diagnostics in mere seconds, delving into causality.

ObjectAnalytics: Aggregating Data for Comprehensive Insights

Central to this achievement is Xplain Data’s patented ObjectAnalytics paradigm. This database revolutionizes data integration by presenting diverse information sources within an object-centric framework. This holistic approach allows for a comprehensive view of business objects, providing customers with an encompassing 360° understanding of their data. Furthermore, ObjectAnalytics facilitates scalable data integration and seamless AI integration, rendering it a versatile asset for various applications.

The versatility of the ObjectAnalytics database extends to its capacity to aggregate data from disparate sources, interlinking them as sub-objects, and even recursively. Notably, the recent Raspberry Pi experiment underscores the scalability of Xplain Data’s technology. This prowess spans an impressive gamut of platforms, encompassing both Raspberry Pi devices and high-performance clusters.

Empowering AI Integration in Varied Environments

A particularly striking outcome of this development is the newfound potential to incorporate intelligent AI modules within an array of environments. This includes embedding them within mobile devices, automotive control units, and even sprawling server farms like those situated in Iceland.

In essence, Xplain Data’s groundbreaking progress with the ObjectAnalytics DB version 2.1 not only amplifies software efficiency on compact hardware like the Raspberry Pi 4. It also extends the horizons for intelligent AI integration in diverse settings.

Full press release on ObjectAnalytics on Raspberry Pi.