Causal DiscoveryBot: AI Innovation at SPS 2023

Xplain Data introduces its autonomous Causal DiscoveryBot at SPS – smart production solutions 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany, November 14-16

Munich, October 10, 2023 – This groundbreaking bot works in the background of a plant and continuously analyzes the data from all production steps. The goal is to find the few factors that have a causal influence on a target variable. E.g., factors that endanger the quality of the workpieces produced. If significant new causes emerge, a message is sent to the relevant stakeholders. Visit Hall 6, Booth 241F in the “Automation meets IT” area. There you will have the opportunity to learn more about the comprehensive range of Causal AI technologies from Xplain Data for production optimization.

According to a Deloitte study, the manufacturing industry generates approximately 1,812 petabytes of data per year. More than any other industry. This observational data, stored in various databases (SCADA, MES, CRM…) along the supply chain, is the basis for Xplain Causal AI solutions. These identify the factors that have a causal impact on value creation (e.g., root causes for n.i.o. products).

Post-mortem analysis is often of limited use. With the introduction of the DiscoveryBOT, we are for the first time able to integrate our processes directly into the ongoing operation of a plant. This makes the bot an integral part of a production line and gives our customers the assurance that they will be alerted quickly to newly occurring failure factors,” says Dr. Michael Haft, CEO of Xplain Data.

By identifying cause and effect in Historian data, Xplain Data customers are able to:
  • make more informed decisions about corrective actions in the manufacturing process,
  • significantly improve the quality and sustainability of manufacturing activities, and thereby
  • sustainably reduce production costs.


Presentation of the results from the Causal Discovery procedure

Full Causal DiscoveryBot press release